Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going To The Chapel!

It is almost 6 months before I get the honor of saying "I Do" to the man of my dreams!!! I can remember growing up thinking that my wedding day was NEVER going to arrive, but it is inching closer and I have never been happier! As a matter of fact, at this time last year I was just beginning to notice that one of my close friends of about 5 years was more than just a friend. He actually "swooped" into my life during a time where I was going through a lot and making a lot of mistakes. He was my knight in shinning armor that came to my rescue first and foremost as my friend and through a fairly quick process I realized that I had been missing out on a wonderful, Godly man. I believe with all of my heart that I was blinded toward Justin up until that point by God, because it was not the right timing. God's timing is absolutely perfect and this time last year, down to the very day, was the perfect time for Justin to enter into my life as my other half. I knew within a time period of 2 weeks that I was going to marry him...and what do you know, 8 months later and I had the most amazing man on one knee and a beautiful diamond ring on my finger. I can tell you from personal experience that when you know you know!!! The proposal was perfect, he took me to my favorite town, Charleston, and we got to go on a private horse and buggy ride to tour the city. Now if you know me very well you should know that I am sooo fascinated with history, so I was completely engulfed in the tour guides words about the city. Justin on the other hand was a tad more concerned with being nervous. I could kinda tell that something was going on, because the of the fact that he had set this up, and the fact that I could totally see how preoccupied he was...there was a lot going on in his mind. The buggy dropped us off at my favorite restaurant, High Cotton, and we had an amazing meal!! After dinner we walked down to the water front and after walking up and down the walk...many times...we sat down on a park bench. At this point he just started telling me that he loved me over and over and kept looking over his shoulder ( I found out why later!) Finally, at around dusk, he got down on one knee and asked me. Amazing...that is all I can say for the feeling that was rushing through my body! A funny note to the proposal was that after I said yes and we were hugging and kissing, I saw a blonde streak fly past us in the background and dive behind a pillar. Immediately, I looked up at Justin and said,"I think I just saw your sister!?" He laughed and said yes and I found out that she had been following us all day and evening taking pictures...poor girl!! I was however, very thankful to have all those memories!! This was the reason he kept looking over his shoulder. I remember Suzanne saying Justin what took so long, and he complained that he couldn't see where she was, so he wasn't sure where to be. Suzie immediately fired back with, "DUH! Because if you could see me then so could Liz!!". I absolutely love that my future Sister-in-law has such a big sense of humor! Lots to look forward to! :D I could not have made that night any better if I had planned it myself. Anyways, each and everyday I thank God for his wonderful gift to me!! I feel so blessed and even unworthy to have been given such an amazing man and I cannot wait for our life as husband and wife to begin! The future Mrs. Deer.......hmmmm........ Elizabeth Deer........sounds nice doesn't it!!!!!:D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Beginning

So I have had my blog up for a little while now with no posts, because I was not exactly sure what I wanted to write. This morning however, I was reading a few chapters from one of my favorite books and in this specific part of the book the author inserted the following scripture:

"You are our letter...written not in ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not in stone tablets, but on the tablets of human hearts." II Corinthians 3:2-3

This book , which I have read many times before, is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Francine gives a clear depiction of God's love for His children and shows us how we should constantly show this love to others in our daily lives. Each day we are in some way, shape, or form, making an impression on people. As Christians it is our responsibility to be an image of God's letter to all people that we come in contact with. God may be using us to bring someone closer to Him and your actions, as a child of God, make an impact on those peoples' opinions of our Lord and Savior. Throughout my life, I have made mistakes and decisions that I am not proud of, but the Lord forgives, and can still use each and everyone of His Children to be one of his love letters. I would like to encourage everyone to read this book, it is a story that shows the total obedience of one man to God, and the process of a woman giving her whole heart to the Lord, even though she is buried in her sin.

I am very excited about beginning this blog, I am going to use it mostly to keep my family and friends updated on what is going on with my life, but I also want to use it to show my daily walk and journey with the Lord as He reveals His plans for me.